Employer Profile

At Petros Financial Group and Woman's Worth, our purpose is to ensure our clients can fulfill their God-given right to dream. We take very seriously the power of personal relationships and a personalized holistic financial planning approach. After all, we don’t all dream in unison.

We believe that fearing the future isn’t acceptable. Our clients should never have to worry about outliving their bank accounts or being prepared for an erratic economy. That’s why we form enduring relationships with our clients that allow us to support their goals for all areas of life – because life is about so much more than money.

We believe that every person we work with deserves our highest level of integrity, trust, and compassion. We also believe that financial planning is more than just a job; it’s a higher calling.

Through our core values, we pledge to serve each other and our clients by remembering WE CARE

Work Together

Empower Through Education

Communicate with Compassion

Always do the Right Thing

Respectful & Responsive

Exceed Expectations

We relish in the journey we take with each of our clients, who know that they can depend on us for transparency and honesty. Fees and profits are never our priority; instead, our priorities are professionalism, understanding, and a commitment to achieving excellence. And while life is a rollercoaster, we’re there for every drop, loop, and pinnacle.