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Life Pawtners, LLC

Life Pawtners is a one of a kind, concierge pet sitting and dog walking service. We provide pet services for anyone with a pet, anyone who goes on vacation, works long hours, or anyone who wants to keep their dog active while they are at work. We offer daily and weekly dog walks, quick potty breaks, 30, 45, and 60 minute visits, poop pick up, and pet taxi to and from day care, groomer or the vet. We do the things people don't want to or have time to do so they can spend more time with family or vacationing.

We also offer our visits and potty breaks to our senior citizens. We are currently helping in two different assisted and independent living facilities where we take their dogs for a quick walk, a quick potty break or just a check in to make sure they have food, water, a clean box (for cats, of course), and general overall in good health. We know it can be hard on the elderly to care for their pets, but we are there to make sure their companions are just as happy and healthy as their loving owners.

Our pet taxi service is the best their is...we will take cats or dogs to the vet to get those updated vaccinations, or to the groomer to get them ready for those holiday or wedding photos, or maybe your dog wants to play with others? We can do that too! We will take them to the boarding facility of your choice and pick them up at times that work best for everyone.

We also offer pet supply runs in case you forgot to pick up your furry friend's favorite treats, wet or dry food, and of course litter.

Our company is laid back and fun because we get to take care of our clients' furry friends all day long. Every day is different, but it is every day and the hours can be long. We do take our client's and their pets VERY serious and make sure they are treated as if they were our own. It can be super busy at times, and kinda slow at others, but we have the best clients and our reputation shows that our clients love us.

Life Pawtners, LLC
September 2014
Frisco, TX
Pet Sitting

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