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A higher level of staffing - Connected and engaged workers with jobs that they are well-qualified for, and relationships that run deeper than a paycheck. With years of high-volume recruiting experience, including nationwide searches for Amazon (Light Industrial), Kaiser Permanente (Admins, HR Analysts, Clerical), Diamante (Engineers), Metlife (Clerical, Financial Analysts, Accountants, Admins), Honeywell (Light Industrial), Abercrombie and Fitch (Light Industrial), Fed Ex and various others, Heiser Staffing understands today's competitive market. We understand your requirements and the variety of skill levels candidates bring to the opportunity. Our associates are cleared in advance, ready to start immediately. We've done the assessments. We've done the tests to provide you with the highest quality candidate for the position. All this is of no cost to the client. Contact us today to find out how to our experienced and qualified associates can get to work for you.