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Caulbridge School

Caulbridge School, a TK-8th grade private school on a beautiful nature campus in Marin, CA.

Give your student the FREEDOM of Childhood!

Given the changing needs of our children and world, it becomes imperative to re-examine everything we previously assumed about education. Where once schools and parents had similar goals and expectations for children, today parents’ hopes and priorities for their children have moved beyond the child “getting the right job” to achieving overall high quality of life.

Witnessing the growing concern of children who are ill-equipped for learning intersects with the traditional education system which has become overwhelmed and unable to adapt, a bold response is indeed required. Caulbridge education began as a desire to step back, and to answer the more fundamental questions: “What is an ideal education for our time, for the children before us today? How can we break the cycle of dysfunction? Could we start with an intention to raise happy, healthy children?” Finding the answer to these questions within both, current research and collective wisdom, we opened our first school in Marin, California as part of a larger social mission to build a network of Caulbridge Schools.


Employment Opportunities

Good schools talk about their test scores – Great schools talk about their teachers!

We hire teachers and support staff who embody our values and contribute to our school culture. Are you One of Our Teachers?

One of our teachers is mature, maintains clear boundaries, has a joyful heart, sees beauty around them, and understands that as a team of educators we are focused on developing capable, creative, reasoned, ethical, happy people, and we use school as our means!

One of our teachers might have a background in child development, special education, project-based learning, environmental ed, or elementary to middle school teaching. Teachers receive extensive training in our structured academics, overall curriculum, and teaching methods, however, we look first for those qualities that you cannot train, but that is abundantly apparent in one of our teachers.

One of our teachers will enjoy teaching in person on a beautiful nature campus which provides a healthy childhood experience in spite of these difficult times in the world around us.

We are adding classes and teachers to meet the demand and serve families on our waitlist.

Now hiring full-time and part-time teaching positions. No vaccination requirements.

Caulbridge School