Employer Profile

At FIT Nutrition we help people achieve their health, fitness and weight loss goals without dieting. We provide programs to educate clients on how to use food and supplements to balance hormones, stabilize blood sugar, turn on metabolism, support join health and improve immune function. 

We are looking for those currently in the health and fitness field - nutritionists, fitness trainers, and health enthusiasts, as well as boutique gym owners and the like, who are looking to expand on their current fitness offerings by adding a proven health and nutrition, plug-and-play system for their clients. 

Partnership with FIT Nutrition increases revenue through product sales and client retention due to our program's simplicity and education around macro balancing that will set your clients up to achieve and maintain their health and weight loss goals, without dieting. We will consider taking on health enthusiasts with an entrepreneurial focus who exhibit some knowledge of nutrition, and a passion for learning and growing their knowledge. 

Interested parties please send inquiries via email to Tania Gustafson, Owner/Founder at FIT Nutrition to schedule an interview. Please use "FIT Nutrition at Red Balloon" in your subject line.  Email [email protected]