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Roman Roads Press

Roman Roads Press is a publisher of classical Christian curriculum for the home and classroom. We specialize specialize in video courses, but are not any less passionate about physical books. We are best known for the Old Western Culture great books curriculum and reader series. 

Our motto is “Inherit the Humanities.” And we want families to do this together, which is why we particularly love homeschooling and hybrid-model schools that keep the center of education pivoting around the home and parents are primarily educators. 

We are also the parent company of Kepler Education, an online platform and marketplace for independent  teachers to offer courses from a classical, Christian, and conservative perspective. 

We are also the home of Digressio Magazine, Digressio Express (classical quarterly newspaper), and Digressio Podcast

As you can see, we love all things classical education. We want to build civilization, even if we’re building in the midst of the ashes of civilization. That starts in the home with Christian education. 

Roman Roads Press
Moscow, Idaho
Daniel Foucachon
Parent Company to
Kepler Education
Digressio Magazine, Podcast, and Newspaper

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