Employer Profile

Founded in 1967 by Hobert Bartlet, Sempco Surveying started as a small surveying outfit with a couple of trucks performing small residential surveys. It wasn’t long before Sempco grew to a few more crews and began its search for the best people and the latest technology. Sempco Surveying has been at the forefront of many technologies including GPS, Stereoscopic, photogrammetry, as well as many others.

Today we keep that spirit alive by looking for intelligent personnel with a curious sense of exploration. We have fostered that spirit by increasing investment in future technologies such as Real-Time Kinematic GPS before it was statewide, much less nationwide. Our most recent investments include Survey Grade photogrammetry and LiDAR. We have found that with the right mix of driven personnel and modern technology, we can provide our clients with an incredible wealth of pertinent data at survey-grade accuracy with industry-leading turn-around times.