Employer Profile

I am Jennifer Peck, the owner and director of Inspiration Station, I will strive to create an exceptional learning environment by guiding teachers, families and children with high expectations. After teaching in an elementary school for 10 years, my passion changed to wanting to be with my children while they were young everyday and decided to begin a family day care in our home. After 5 years of teaching and inspiring my children and their now close friends, I decided to expand my “little school” into Inspiration Station Early Learning Center in 2014. We have grown from about 20 in 2014 children to 70 children with 18 employees currently.

Have you ever worked in a place where no matter how hard you worked, you never felt appreciated? Have you had great ideas, but no one had interest in your thoughts or opinions? At Inspiration Station, we value our teaching team member’s opinions and appreciate dedication to the center, team, and children. I personally invest in creating an inclusive culture with our team.

Imagine working for a company where your employer understands that life happens to all of us and give flexibility and understanding to take care of your personal needs. We pride ourselves on having a culture of integrity, support, and relationships.

Our mission is to provide high-quality care and education that inspires each child to grow to their fullest potential.