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My Office & More provides modern, furnished offices and coworking desks along with meeting rooms in a historic building in downtown Lakeland.  The positive atmosphere is professional and encourages productivity.  People can connect with others through shared spaces including a kitchen and atrium area.  Available office equipment includes access to a business-class copier, postage machine, and high-speed internet. 

Our purpose is to help people solve their administrative issues to the best of our ability to do so.  We are excellent problem solvers!

  • Listening to people and understanding what they are communicating is our super power.
  • We provide a place that is welcoming to all, no matter their sex, race, or creed.
  • We represent our Member companies so we will treat their customers, employees, and visitors with respect and kindness.  
  • We provide a working environment that is clean, productive, and encouraging.  A positive mindset - and a welcoming smile - is contagious!
  • We provide a structured environment with procedures to help us provide a consistent experience and where our Members/Customers know what to expect and how to interact with us.
My Office & More
August 2015
Lakeland, Florida
Real Estate

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