Employer Profile

I run a consulting business here in Michigan that conducts healthy home assessments across the country based on Building Biology Institute standards. See my profile at https://buildingbiologyinstitute.org/find-an-expert/certified-consultants/building-biology-environmental-consultants/william-bill-bathgate-bbec-ieee/

I am seeking a part-time contractor to produce reports in MS Word using a template that I provide. My reports are over 100 pages long, but most of that content is a repeating template. I provide the information to complete each report. 

You must have good skills with MS Word, converting MS Word files into Adobe PDF files, and the ability to manipulate graphics within each report. I provide the graphic files. 

There are typically 8-10 reports each month. This job is not intended to replace a typical 40 hour per week position. But this provides the ultimate flexibility in hours and location. You work from home using your computer. I provide all training and supervision of your work. I pay per piece of report. The more reports the more you make. 

This is an excellent opportunity for a home worker or retired and looking for supplemental income.