Employer Profile

If you go to our website you can plainly see we are a concrete cutting and demolition contractor with offices in Houston and Baton Rouge. 

We have a unique dynamic not often found in a construction company.  A lot of companies say they are building up leaders but we really strive to.  You'll be working around men and women that strive to practice integrity in everything they do.  We want to help you to succeed, too!

We appreciate, respect, reward and honor hard-working individuals.  At the same time, collectively, we inspire one another for greatness by encouraging problem solving and open communication.

You may be pleased to know that we have spiritual support for you here as well, as we have a weekly meeting with a chaplain in our safety meetings.  We are imperfect people that are working to better ourselves everyday!  Being able to work is a true blessing!  We are humbled by the goodness of God and seek to work hard for Him and our families!

We appreciate your efforts in applying!