Employer Profile

Naturopathic Care Coordinator


Options Naturopathic Clinic, Inc. is a naturopathic medical clinic, in-house dispensary, and e-commerce site that assists all types of health concerns with a special focus on cancer with a metabolic, terrain-centric approach.

Located in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, Options is the state leader in natural medicine. With Dr. Erin having established the clinic in 1999, this is the longest duration a naturopathic clinic has been open in Ohio in the modern era.

Naturopathic medicine is a distinct profession, but not all naturopathic physicians practice alike. Dr. Erin has a unique approach and style, having dedicated her life to the study of natural medicine and following the directives as indicated by nature for sensible safe, non-toxic, and restorative answers to chronic disease. We pride ourselves on being true to the Nature Cure philosophy that serves as the underpinning of the naturopathic profession.

Options is an equal opportunity employer, seeking to create a new culture in healthcare. We seek to empower the individual patient and to promote evolution in human consciousness that simultaneously serves ecology and medicine for Mother Earth.

We are a growing naturopathic practice with big dreams to make inroads within the larger, broken system of healthcare, by the inclusion of mind, body, and spirit medicine. We are seeking someone of like-mind who wants to get in on the ground level with our passionate Vision to make a difference in the world. We have a large base of patients with whom we have very personal relationships that form the primary revenue for our business.

Options Naturopathic Core Values:

  1. Honor - “The next right thing”
  2. Evolution of Self For more information on what we do
  3. Accountability to our job and purpose
  4. Revolutionizing healing
  5. Trusting the process

please visit our website at www.optionsnaturopathic.com for more information