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Praxis Land Surveying


Exceptional surveyors helping great clients design and build meaningful projects

praxis: (n) putting ideals or theory into practice

Our ideals:

PEOPLE – It’s all built on the right people

RELATIONSHIPS – Build working relationships

ATTITUDE – Humility in Confidence wins

EXTREME OWNERSHIP – Take ownership of your world

IMPROVEMENT – Continuous improvement, Kaizen

SERVANT LEADERSHIP – Lead by serving others


People – What do we mean when we say, “Exceptional Surveyors” or “built on the right people”?  There are a lot of surveyors who are technically competent and experienced.  But it is something entirely different to take that experience and competence forward with the right perspective and approach.  The people Praxis is built on are those who combine technical knowhow with approach and perspective, and who espouse and strive to put into practice (praxis) ALL of our ideals.  These people are what make a winning team.

Relationships – In today’s business environment, service providers are often commoditized.  The surveying industry is no exception.  All too often, surveying consultants are chosen purely by price and/or stated qualifications.  While these are important factors, we also believe that building working relationships with our clients means that over time, trust is built when we better understand them and their project needs.  This means that we add the greatest value when we are trusted advisors and seen as part of our client’s team.

Attitude – What is meant by, “Humility in Confidence wins”?  Let’s break it apart:  As our client’s trusted advisors, it is our goal to be an invaluable part of their team.  That means having the humility to ask the right questions to fully understand our client’s projects so we can have the confidence to bring the best solution to the table, even when it may not be the solution they would naturally expect.  So when we work with humility and have the confidence to bring the best solution, the whole team wins.

eXtreme ownership – To own one’s world means to take responsibility for the effectiveness of everything your world touches.  In their so-named book, ex. US Navy SEALS Jocko Willink and Leif Babin elaborate on this ideal via their four laws of combat, which translate directly into any healthy organization: Cover and Move, Simple, Prioritize and Execute, and Decentralized Command.  Cover and Move means competent individuals work together as a team to accomplish their mission.  Simple is similar to Occam’s razor; the simplest solution tends to be the right one.  Prioritize and execute, similar to the Critical Path method, means that the best way through a complex challenge is to prioritize the demands and begin executing immediately.  Decentralized command says that the entire organization has a fundamental understanding of the mission and each member, while staying within their boundaries and standard procedures, are free to accomplish the mission as their abilities and circumstances dictate. 

ImprovementKaizen is the Japanese word for “continual improvement”.  It is not a single event, but a continual process.  In business, kaizen refers to continuously improving all functions and involving all employees, from the CEO to the front-line workers.  As we continue to better understand our clients, our industries, and the changes that affect their worlds, we must first be growing and improving as individuals.  As our individual talents and abilities grow, Praxis is only then able to embrace the growth and change necessary to continually improve as an organization, minding the ever-changing demands of our markets and how those demands affect our clients, our employees and our industry.

Servant Leadership – “Consider others Better than Yourself”.  Closely related to having a humble attitude, this takes it one step farther.  When we lead, we first consider how to serve and empower others, which fuels decentralized command.  When we humbly and honestly consider others better than ourselves, this will empower others.  

Praxis Land Surveying
Fresno, CA
Land Surveying/Geomatics
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