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Live Long & Prosper Chiropract

We are a family run chiropractic clinic that focuses on long term results of fixing problems structurally in a safe and natural way. We don't give out prescriptions. We search for a natural solution and view everyone's life is theirs to make their own choices, however they choose, it's not our place to judge or descriminate. The clinic is run in a family like environment with kids welcome for treatment or just to tag along. Our own children are also often helping out and entertaining patients. As a team, we like to view each other as family. We look out for our team members and are close knit. We like to laugh and joke with each other and support eachother however we can, it's a "All for one, and one for all" situation. 

We help anyone who has a spine (structurally speaking). We work with those who have been injured and hurt on the job as well as those that are just looking for wellness and maintaining mobility to do their daily life. We provide chiropractic care and massage therapy. We have in house x-rays so we can get a detailed picture of how we can best help the patients and then come up with a specialized care plan to get them out of pain, or to fix the problem and maintain wellness. We often discuss nutrition and exercises to better assist your wellness goals and offer Mechanical Traction guided from one of the most researched modalities of chiropractic care, for those who wish to do long term corrective care. 

We have a little bit of a nerdy side and we like to embrace our differences that make us stand out as a clinic and as individuals. 

Live Long & Prosper Chiropract
Auburn Washington
Chiropractic, Healthcare
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