Employer Profile

We exist to glorify Christ the King by equipping 3% of free men with the Tools of Liberty to resist tyranny.

Armored Republic manufactures ballistic plates, plate carriers, and tactical accessories for American citizens. We believe that body armor is the neglected half of the second amendment and should be owned for the same scenarios where a firearm is needed. 

We pioneered the direct to consumer body armor market in 2012 with our rifle rated steel plate. Since then, we have solidified our position as the leader in the market by expanding our lineup to include aramid, polyethylene, and ceramic plates, as well as our own line of textile products. 

Tools of Liberty certainly include physical items, but we use the phrase to more than that. It's not enough to merely own a tool, you must know when, how, and why you would use it. We aim to equip men with such tools of wisdom as well.

We are looking for high caliber people who want to see the knowledge of the truth cover the Earth as the waters cover the sea, and help us equip men to fulfill their roles as mature, intelligent, and masculine protectors and providers.

We cease all operations and advertising on the Lord’s Day in observance of the Christian Sabbath.