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Zion Gear Company

Zion Gear Company is a physical storefront and online retailer that focuses on providing high quality goods and services for a variety of activities from general personal and emergency preparedness, camping, hiking, backpacking and general outdoor adventuring.  Products we label as "essentials for life & recreation".  Being prepared for emergencies brings a measure of peace and security to your every day life, and increases your chances of surviving a natural or man-made disaster shoudl it ever occur.  Many of the same items used for "prepping" can also be used for outdoor recreation; in fact the more you use your camping and survival gear, the more familiar and comfortable you will be in using those same items in the advent of an emergency or disaster.  As a faith bases business rooted deeply in Christianity and self-reliance, we do our best to bring people back to the founding American principles of self-reliance and helping each other through hard times and the everyday challenges of life.  

Zion Gear Company
Tyler, TX
Retail - Specialty Outdoor Goods

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