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Sentinel Primary Care

Sentinel Primary Care is a Christian primary care medical practice.  The practice has 2 core characteristics:

First the model is a "Direct Primary Care" (DPC).  In a DPC model the practice members pay a monthly subscription fee that pays for office services.  This model alleviates the fierce productivity pressures of an insurance-based practice, restores primacy to patient care rather than performance metrics, and gives greater autonomy versus a healthsystem-administered practice.  Patient panels are substantially smaller than an insurance-based practice, visits are longer, and relationships are more attentive & personal.

Second, Sentinel is a Christian practice.  Medical care is given with particular concern for the individual as an individual, the practice tithes a portion of the membership to those in financial difficulty, and care is delivered consistent with Catholic healthcare ethics.  

The practice is general internal medicine, currently a solo practitioner.  The medical philosophy is mainstream Western medicine.  Sentinel's patient mix ranges from the well-to-do who want a concierge-type practice, to charitable-care patients who often have complex medical problems and otherwise-limited access to care, to working class patients who find DPC more affordable than a traditional insurance-based practice. 

Sentinel Primary Care
Raleigh, NC

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