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A Company of 34 years in the business of service in Home ?? Reno, New builds! Also Commercial & Industrial builds. We are a Family based business who believes in Family time. Our shifts consists of 4 days 10hrs & 3 day weekends, some shifts Monday to Thursday another shift Wednesday to Saturday every employee has Sunday off so to acknowledge our almighty FATHER (GOD)to spend time with Family. Also can work 3 days 12hrs & will pay employee 40hrs. This could help those who have needs to take care of love ? ones or just want extras time with Family. We are looking to empower the dreams & characters of individuals created by our almighty FATHER (GOD) please come and join us in taking the LAND BACK from the lying enemy...lucifer. IT IS FINISHED! VICTORY IS OURS!!!

We are also starting several other businesses this month of October 2021.

Thank you,

Acting President 

Joe Murray Sr