Employer Profile

BBE - Boggs Engineering was founded in 2004 to provide consulting and engineering services for those interested in developing commercial or residential land throughout Florida.  Our staff of professionals has over 100 years of experience in the engineering fields.  We have over our professional lives provided services for many different types of projects.  We have successfully worked on projects throughout the state and have developed lasting relationships with many of their clients and regulatory agency staffs.  We believe that our clients need to trust the professionals that are designing their projects.  This trust is developed by building a relationship with our clients.  Understanding the clients needs assist us in designing a project that meets their objectives.

Our goal is to provide innovative and cost effective design solutions to meet your project goals.  We are a client oriented company which means that we listen to your ideas and visions for the project and try to make these dreams come true.   We will however voice our concerns about issues that may have negative ramifications on a project.  We believe that communication is the key to the successful development of a project.  BBE’s staff is available by telephone, e-mail, and cellular phone.  We make every attempt to return all calls or e-mails in a timely manner.  We understand that our clients have busy schedules to keep and need a consultant that is ready to assist and respond to their needs.  Our communication is also a key to our relationships with the jurisdictional agencies, which assists in expediting the permitting process.

We have also developed many lasting relationships in the permitting agencies, and these relationships allow us to have an “inside” friend to assist in expediting the permitting process. We utilize these relationships to assist us in getting your projects through the maze of permitting agencies and red tape.  Today’s development climate is rapidly changing and even some of the agency staff are not in full understanding of the new and changing codes. We will assist you in finding the “yellow brick road” though this maze.

Our successful projects have ranged from large commercial developments, to major redesign of underground utilities for a section of a city, to small utility installations.  We have negotiated Planned Developments for large residential subdivisions and permitted a driveway connection for a small commercial site.  Our staff strives to accomplish any task brought before them as a new challenge to be conquered.

BBE offers a complete range of services, from planning and design to permitting and inspection, for all types of land development projects.