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Hendrickson Tree Car Company

Hendrickson Tree Care is a full service tree care company that manages trees for our clients in the Urban Forest. 

We are a very progressive tree care company that likes to stay on top of innovation in the tree care industry.  

Company Culture is very importnat to us and we value that culture which means we are very particular on who we hire. 

We are in Kansas City  in the Waldo area and started the company in 1985. Besides tree care we also do Plant Health Care. 

Our Core Values are:

  • Integrity
  • We are Industrial Athletes
  • Safety is more important than production
  • Team Players

Integrity -  Stands for  honesty, ethics, and  accountability to mention a few. By having integrity others can trust and rely on you. It is also is the basis of good character.

Industrial Athlete - We ultimately consider ourselves as being Industrial Athletes.  Being an industrial Athlete is a lifestyle and process that requires continual training and improvement.

 Safety is number one - We value our employees and one another. We all want to come home safe every night.

 Team Players - It takes a team to win and everyone plays a part.

Mission Statement -

 Our mission at Hendrickson Tree Care Company is to bring creativity & excellence to the field of Arboriculture. By working with residential and commercial clients we enhance the beauty and  care for the health of trees, for the society as a whole. .

Our Vision

 Our Vision at Hendrickson Tree Care Company is to provide first class care in the field of Arboriculture.   We will do this through innovation and continual growth in our professional knowledge.  We will continue to develop a company culture that embraces our core values,  along with a  passionate workforce that delivers ongoing value in a safe and efficient manner.

Joe Hendrickson - CEO 

Hendrickson Tree Car Company
Kansas City, Missouri
Tree Care - Plant Health Care - Arborist
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