Employer Profile

We are a company that promotes opportunity!

An Opportunity to acquire FREEDOM!


  • Freedom from what?
    • Freedom of Time AND
    • Freedom of Money

What is stopping you from the Freedom you desire and deserve?


?We are a GROWING TEAM of normal, average people just like you, who sought an opportunity to get professionally trained, licensed and to learn something new!  We come from every imaginable background and every ethnic group!

We just chose a different path and sought to learn a system that promotes and encourages people to be more than what they have been taught to be! We help people understand money and how to best utilize what they have, while also giving them the opportunity to increase their income by educating other people to do the same!

  • No-Risk to your current job or career!  (We teach people on a spare-time basis first).
  • Obtain professional licensing at the state and federal levels in an array of areas so you can help others financially without the high cost of going back to school).
  • Educate yourself about money, pass that education on to others, and make money when you help people!

 This is your OPPORTUNITY to be what YOU want to be and accomplish what YOU want to accomplish in life!

We are searching for HONEST, MOTIVATED people with a strong work ethic, have the hearts of CHAMPIONS, and those that may be tired of the routine J.O.B. or working for a company that does not appreciate the abilities and CAPABILITIES of individuals.  People that want to make additional income OR Build a career and a future they can OWN and be proud of!