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The Great Awakening Academy 

We are a Truth-Based, Skills-Focused, Outdoor Adventure Academy for Ages 13-17.  

Engaging In-Person Learning Adventures with Small Groups

We are at a crossroads as a human culture. The war on truthful information vs. disinformation has reached its all-time high, threatening to absorb our future generations in its’ wake. 

The Great Awakening Academy arose from our discoveries unearthing the many truths in the fields of science, biology, physiology, physics, nutrition, and regenerative farming.  

As entrepreneurs, we believe that all children are innovators, adventurers, and Truth-seekers. We believe that learning happens in an abundant playground of projects, connected communication, and outdoor adventures to stimulate the mind, body, and soul.  

We create the learning environment to inspire our children as leaders and innovators in their education, who are intrinsically motivated to create and contribute to this world.  

Our students learn how to: 

*Think independently, Ask Questions, and Do Their Own Inquiry

* Value Compassionate Conversation and Inspired Debate

* Have Discernment to be able to recognize the truth about science, health, history, biology, physics, nutrition, and our Earth.

* Live Free, Responsible, and Sovereign

* Build-in skill-based trades, such as carpentry and woodworking

* Plant, grow and harvest organic produce 

* Be an Entrepreneur 

Our educators are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to guide our next generation in the learning and application of what the Great Awakening is calling us to be - sovereign, healthy and free humans living within a co-creative experience with each other and our Earth.

Students will only learn things here that are:

  1. Applicable in the real world
  2. Healing, regenerative, and supportive to human, life or the life of our planet Earth
  3. Foundational to critical thinking and problem solving

We are blessed to honor our Creator, our beautiful Earth, human connection, and family.

This is our Great Awakening Academy.