Employer Profile

ReadyRide provides Non-Emergency Transportations Services to the AllCare members of Southern Oregon. We are in the business of linking people and healthcare in our Southern Oregon Community by way of:

  • Precision transportation
  • A human connection

Timely access to healthcare is essential for every person’s wellness. However, just getting from one’s home to their physician is many times a major obstacle. This is especially true for rural communities in Southern Oregon. ReadyRide is the solution.

RR enables people in need to make connections that lead to wellness, healing, and treatment. We are not just moving people around, but we are touching hearts and building relationships in the process.

By taking care of the person that we transport, we are helping ensure that the providers themselves are able to see and care for their patients. We aim to build on the positive outcomes they are working towards with each person and patient from pick up, to their appointment, and back home again.