Employer Profile

We are a boutique style small & medium dog daycare, boarding, socialization training & photography business. We aim to create a palace for the dogs where it's the happiest tails on earth. How we accomplish this is by fulfilling every dog's needs daily; physical exercise, mental stimulation, pack socialization/connection, tender love n' care and overall a fun, clean & secure environment for them to visit. This is a small business that has experienced tremendous growth in 2021 and it's not slowing down! We like to create a fun, light-hearted, playful environment for all paws and humans alike. Each day is different due to the ever-changing pack members with unique challenges, providing many opportunities for growth. The paw pack provides us humans the chance to strengthen our inner game by helping us to control our inner world no matter what's happening in the outer world. If you want to learn how to exude a leadership presence of calm and confidence energy this is the place for you!