Employer Profile

Our mission is to bring authentic paella pans, rice, saffron, and other products from Spain to the United States. We launched our website, Paellapans.com, in 1998, and we have been growing and expanding our reach ever since, selling directly to home cooks, kitchen stores, restaurants, as well as on Amazon. We are family-owned and operated, and we take pride in our products and our high level of personalized customer service.

Our small team is looking for new members who are interested in helping us grow and becoming an integral part of the business. In addition to being freedom lovers, we value people who demonstrate thoughtful initiative, high integrity, and open communication. Also, while we strive for perfection and accuracy in everything we do, as humans, we sometimes mess up. The culture within our company is not to defend, deny, or make excuses for our mistakes. Instead, we own our errors and turn them into learning opportunities.