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Top-Flight Maintenance, Inc.

We are a family-owned and operated business located here in the Wild West of Cheyenne, WY. We were founded in 1997 and specialize in full-service commercial maintenance, including janitorial services, snow & ice management, landscape maintenance, handyman services and window washing. We are known for being a one-stop shop for our customers, which simplifies their life by only having to make one phone call for service need.

"Top-Flight" means high quality, and this is our claim to fame. We have an excellent reputation in the community or providing high quality work and excellent customer service, and that is attributed to our company values and high standards for job performance.

For our employees, we strive to provide a positive & encouraging work environment by focusing on SIX core values: Quality, Timeliness, Respect, Initiative, Management & Communication. When these values are exemplified, they are rewarded and recognized through continuous & immediate feedback, social media, public recognition, and monetary rewards. These values are the basis for regular performance reviews and pay raises.

We work hard to achieve high standards for performance, and we are intentional about recognizing and rewarding a job well-done. Building relationships and teamwork are key activities that we encourage and provide opportunities to fulfill. 

We strive to hire employees who are in alignment with our values and who will contribute to a great work environment where everyone enjoys who they work with and what they do. Janitorial work is rarely a life goal for anyone, but the skills we develop in our employees can be translated to any job and personal life situation: leadership, teamwork, communication, conflict management, mentorship, listening skills, management of self, others and resources, etc. all contribute to helping our employees to be better people when they leave than they were when first hired.

We believe in medical freedom and are strong advocates for natural rights which are guaranteed by the Constitution. Finding a job that does not give people a choice about medical devices and treatments is difficult these days, and finding employees with a strong work ethic is equally challenging. We are a workplace that values people and hope to find loyal employees who value the environment and benefits we offer as an employer.

Top-Flight Maintenance, Inc.
privately owned
Cheyenne, WY
Building Service Contractors/ Full-Service Commercial Maintenance
Patrick & Julie Formby

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