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Syllabus Consulting's purpose is to provide a stone foundation of highly capable subject matter expertise to our customers.  We train classical and current leadership, strategy, management, instructional, planning, operational, safety, and technical techniques and skills to our customers.  Our applied subject matter expertise will increase our customers' knowledge, skills, abilities, and capabilities.  Our experts will bolster and boost our customers' abilities to rapidly achieve their mission goals, support them as they continually improve their service to their customers, and have a highly positive impact on their bottom line.

Syllabus Consulting's mission is to partner with great enterprises to offer subject matter expertise to help them plan, build, and operate new and unique products; to help create associated training curricula, syllabi, lessons, and related documentation; and to assist follow-up with customers to ensure products meet specifications and needs.

Syllabus Consulting's vision is to offer the best subject matter experts in its areas of operation to its customers, to be an exemplary corporate citizen, and to inspire a new generation of subject matter experts to be lifelong learners who always find through grace, faith, and diligence the best ways to serve customers. 

Syllabus Consulting's goals:  

  1. Teach our customers new knowledges or skills that help them improve their bottom line
  2. Apply project and operational knowledge, skills, and abilities to support our customers' efforts to bring their projects to successful conclusions and to economically sustain their operations
  3. Help our customers obtain and record valuable feedback that helps them improve their products or operations, ensuring they keep current customers and win new customers

Syllabus Consulting's core values

  1. Seek, apply, and teach Truth
  2. Be enterprising
  3. Establish the standard
  4. Set the example

Syllabus Consulting's motto:  Docere eos in veritate optimum piscandi

"Teach them in truth how best to fish." 

This is derived from the parable "If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime."  This effectively sums up Syllabus Consulting's purpose, mission, goals, vision, and core values.