Employer Profile

Wilmington’s first and only pediatric practice offering Integrative Medicine for children.

We offer an unprecedented level of attentive and personalized care. Our Integrative Medical Team consists of our Fellowship Trained Neurodevelopmental Pediatrician,  Registered Nurses, a Nutrition Coach, and a team of Care coordinators. Our team celebrates your child’s individuality with customized care plans that optimize wellness and restore health.

The Clinic for Special Children was founded by Dr. Karen Harum, MD, FAAP, to provide an accurate diagnosis, whole child treatments, specialty care, and consultation for children with developmental disabilities and behavioral problems including ADD, ADHD, Cerebral Palsy, and Autism Spectrum Disorders. Routine pediatric care is also provided for those who need a comprehensive medical home and for typically developing children.

We believe in treating the whole child by addressing their physical, emotional, social, and environmental needs. This integrative holistic approach combines modern western medicine and evidence-based complementary and alternative healing modalities. By integrating traditional medical diagnostics and pharmaceutical therapies with functional medical therapies, we feel that we can provide the best care possible for your child. We look forward to working with you!