Employer Profile

My father owned a well-regarded tree service for over 20 years. The business’ people element was challenging, which created incredible stress. It became clear to me that hiring, developing, and retaining the right people will make or break any company.

In other words, people are THE problem and opportunity.

Consequently, we are passionate about helping leadership-minded business owners enjoy building great teams.

Our core values are Leadership, Ownership, and Tenaciousness

Leadership, contrasted with self-centered management, is how to guide charitably.

With Ownership, we can constantly improve and achieve.

Tenaciousness gets us through challenging searches because no one hires us for easy work.

Our future is quality

Our long-term vision has nothing to do with revenue, team size, or offices. We strive to serve our clients and candidates so well that opportunities to grow naturally present themselves and our growth is sustainable and organic.