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Set your own schedule. Build a loyal clientele.

Massage/Shiatsu/Esoteric bodywork studio with over 10,000 clients, operating for 25 years offering the most effective bodywork available fully-clothed. Looking for the most effective, independent, self-managed therapists who are DONE working their fingers to the bone and barely eeking out a living. If you are talented you will be busy here! Work less/Earn more.

How we do it: Practice your own style of bodywork (massage, Shiatsu, MFR, CST, Deep or light touch, Thai...) as an independent therapist and earn 50% or more on each client visit. This is a good fit for an independently-minded professional who is building or re-building their practice, and who does not desire or require being managed.

A dedicated therapist easily earns $3000+/month working just 20 hours a week.

We are welcoming practicing independent therapists willing to commit to work 10-30 hours/week. Earn $40-$50/hour (before tips) providing the kind of bodywork YOU prefer to practice. No back-breaking hours. No compete clause. An amazing clientele is waiting for you to start your next practice here. Visit our website to see what's going on here: www - greatbackrubs - com

A committed weekly schedule of 10 hours (2 5hour shifts) each week is required. The bodywork industry is just gearing back up. Clients are desperate to get back to wellness after a year on lock down and we are turning them away!

Call Jennifer @ 651-528-2992 or email your resume to: [email protected]