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Job Summary

We are seeking a dynamic Social Media Manager to join our team, someone who thrives in the fast-paced world of political communication and is adept at managing various social media platforms. This role requires an individual who can craft compelling content, engage with our diverse audience, and strategically distribute information to bolster our clients’ America First agenda.


·     Develop and implement comprehensive social media strategies to increase visibility and influence across various platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, etc.).

·     Create engaging, high-quality content, including posts, graphics, and videos, tailored to each platform and aligned with our clients’ goals.

·     Monitor social media trends and adapt strategies accordingly to ensure maximum effectiveness and engagement.

·     Analyze and report on the performance of social media campaigns, providing insights and recommendations for optimization.

·     Collaborate with our research team to align social media content with the latest findings and strategic objectives.

·     Manage basic video editing tasks to create impactful visual content for different platforms.

·     Ensure all social media activities adhere to confidentiality agreements and maintain the high level of discretion our clients expect.

  • Bachelor's degree in Marketing, Communications, or related field
  • Proven experience managing social media accounts for political campaigns or organizations
  • Strong understanding of America-First policies and the ability to communicate them effectively
  • Social Media Management3 - 5 years
  • Analytics3 - 5 years
  • Content Creation3 - 5 years
  • Graphic Design3 - 7 years
  • Video Editing3 - 5 years
  • Copywriting3 - 5 years
  • Adaptability
  • Creativity
Nice to Have
  • Collaborative Research
  • Communication
  • Detail Oriented
About Us

OpinionArchitects is a discreet public relations and research firm servicing some of the nation’s most influential political organizations and media entities. With a focus on shaping narratives and influencing public opinion, we are at the forefront of strategic communication. Our clientele includes some of the most prominent names in politics and media, demanding unparalleled professionalism, innovative strategies, and complete discretion.

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