Newsletter Writer: FloridaThe Flyover

Job Summary

The Flyover requires a writer for its family of daily newsletters, including a Florida-specific edition.

You'll need good news judgement, a sharp instinct for "the heart" of stories, and the ability to distill news into helpful, readable short-form content.

We would prefer a native Floridian who currently lives in the state and understands its culture, geography, and idiosyncrasies. The Editor must be someone who can speak credibly to real Floridians about their state.


Story Selection

You'll be choosing stories to write about and sources to reference, with the input of an Editor. These decisions will be guided by the overall content strategy and based on previous engagement.


Copywriting and Management

You'll be writing copy for one or two newsletters per day, and you'll with with your editor to develop and maintain a writing voice that matches the larger content strategy. This will involve final edits and revisions aimed at creating a consistent product.


Ongoing Product Development

You'll participate in the iterative process of improving the product. This will be an ongoing cycle of brainstorming new ideas, testing, measuring results, and making changes accordingly.

These developments may involve the newsletter’s content and layout (i.e., story selection strategy, a/b testing in-article elements like graphics, wordcounts in paragraphs, ect), paid subscriber acquisition campaigns, monetization strategy, ect.


Unique Considerations

The newsletter will be sent Monday-Friday, with the possibility of additional days as the readership grows. The starting schedule will be Sunday-Thursday.

Also, this position requires someone who will jump in outside of typical working hours when necessary. For example, if a major story breaks at 8:30 PM, you’ll need to hop online and update the next day’s edition. This kind of thing is atypical, but the ideal candidate will not have a problem working a schedule within the news cycle instead of expecting to work only during typical work hours. 


Exceptional writing and editing skills. This role requires more than a “competent” writer; you’ll need to adopt The Flyover’s tone and write easy, direct prose, and you’ll edit others’ work to the same standard. We need someone with the natural ability to sniff out confusion, cringe, and anything else that lowers our quality level. Finally, you’ll need to do all this at a reasonable clip and keep our processes on schedule. Oh, and you’ll need a sense of humor.

News judgment. Story selection is a huge part of the role, and you’ll need the ability to sift through the day’s news and decide which stories are most interesting and fit our brand. Additionally, you need the ability to identify the “big idea” in a story and distil it down into a brief paragraph.

Basic technical competence. This role requires a quick & confident PC user who isn’t afraid to make light HTML edits or input variables into a script. The technical learning curve is shallow, but it requires someone who is generally comfortable with computer usage and is willing to learn new things. 

  • Writing
  • Strong - Strong
  • Editing
  • Strong - Strong
  • PC Savvy
  • Good - Excellent
  • Digital Content Strategy
  • 1 - 3 years
  • Journalism
  • 1 - 3 years
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