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Fame is hard - autographs, paparazzi, free merch.  Despite all of this, we are powering through and would be willing to be on your show too.  Why would you want us on your show?

Turns out that freedom in America right now is newsworthy - we wish it weren’t. RedBalloon CEO Andrew Crapuchettes has been in the news so much that we are having trouble keeping this page updated. Here’s a few of his many appearances:

One America News Network
Fox Business
Fox News/Fox & Friends
Speak Truth Without Fear
Stacy on the Right
The Highwire
Wake Up Springfield
PJ Media
Stew Peters Show
Flyover Conservatives
The Schaftlein Report
Everything Home Show
Brighteon TV
Glenn Beck Show
Fortune Magazine
and many many more!

The good news is that every time we talk about in the media, an angel gets its wings and a freedom-loving American gets hope.  Hope that they are not alone.  Hope that they could have the job of their dreams and freedom.  Freedom from woke. Freedom to work.

Give your viewers hope by having Andrew on your show.  You won't be sad that you did and you might save an angel's life (wings and all).

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