Security Team Member

Patriot Services | NC, United States

Posted Date 10/04/2021

Job duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Project a professional image of self and company in accordance with the Patriot Services Company Constitution.
  • Review & comply with on-site scope of work expectations, as well as Security Operation Procedures.
  • Work assigned schedule; and sometimes hours beyond those of the normal schedule as requested.
  • Review daily logs & reports to be knowledgeable of current and future duty needs.
  • Make decisions in the event of an emergency and circumstances that need an immediate response.
  • Fill open posts and reduce overtime when possible where, when, and as needed.
  • Patrols periodically, (on foot or in vehicle) building grounds of plant or commercial establishment or work site.
  • Examines doors, windows, and gates to determine that they are secure.
  • Warns violators of infractions; such as loitering, smoking, company violations, etc.
  • Reports irregularities such as fire: hazards, leaking water pipes, and security doors unlocked.
  • Sounds alarm or calls police or fire department in case of fire or presence of unauthorized persons.
  • Permits authorized persons to enter property.
  • Operates communication equipment; cell phones, hand held radio to communicate as needed & required.
  • Utilize applications on phone or computer for time keeping purposes, as well as event & location logging.
  • Be willing; and able; to learn new policies, procedures, applications, programs, etc; as needed.
  • Maintain exceptional attendance.
  • At all times; complies with Patriot Services Company Constitution.
  • At all times; maintain active registration with North Carolina Private Protective Services.
  • Detect; Deter; and Document as a basic function while on duty.
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