HVAC/Electrical Apprentice

1-800-Plumber +Air & Electric | Amarillo, TX, United States

Posted Date 4/21/2022


Apprentice: Make BIG $$$ & Learn a New Skill: 3 Reasons to Join Our TEAM!


You’re looking for a job for a reason… 

  • Maybe school or college wasn’t for you?
  • Maybe you’re TIRED of working dead-end jobs and for bad bosses?
  • Maybe you want a career filled with opportunity and exceptional pay?


The bottom line is: You need a changeYou want something more!

And we can help you at 1-800-Plumber + Air & Electric.


You simply need to be highly motivated; love to be part of a team, but works well individually; welcome learning new things; enjoy interacting with people; and be ready for a new challenge every single day… If you meet these requirements, I want to talk to YOU!  And I ask that you apply! 


What’s in it for you?  Excellent question!  You want to work for us because I can promise you a new career that you’ll love filled with:

  • Great money!
  • Great benefits! (Health Insurance, dental, vision, and More!!!)
  • Great opportunity! (We’re busy year-round! No sitting at home and worrying!)
  • Growth potential! (We grow every year, which means we’re looking for future managers!)
  • Continual training & education!


You want to work for a business that believes and supports YOU!!!  In fact, we operate this company using the “TRIPLE WIN” model…


3 Reasons You’ll LOVE Working for Us

  1. Our employees must win! We realize that the only way to have happy customers is to have a happy team of people serving them!  We do everything imaginable to support our people, lift them up to make them better, and ensure that they’re successful.  And for doing a great job, they receive tremendous financial rewards—as well as incredible career satisfaction.  This is a workplace you’ll enjoy being a part of.


  1. Our customers must win! We do everything imaginable to ensure that our customers are 100% satisfied and absolutely love our services.  If they don’t, we do whatever is necessary to make them wildly happy they did business with us—so much so that they insist on telling their friends and family!


  1. Our company must win! We believe if we’ve done absolutely everything possible to make sure our customers win and our employees win, we will naturally win.  And we must win—and be financially successful—to help more customers and provide more opportunity for our employees and their families.



Now, if that’s the type of company that you’d like to work for—and I hope it is—please, please, please apply.  I would love a chance to talk with you—and get to know you better.  Let’s make sure we’re an ideal fit for each other.


Thanks for taking time to read our post.


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