Senior UX/UI Designer

New Founding Corporation | Dallas, TX, United States

Posted Date 5/03/2022

New Founding is hiring a Senior Product Designer to lead and execute the design of our platform. As the first full-time designer on the team, this role will play a critical part in shaping the visual design and experience of an ambitious project: a digital commonwealth designed for the good of its members. 

Our Mission

Business and finance have been co-opted by radical political agendas. Media and the arts have become rigidly ideological, stifling creativity and political discourse. Many of our country’s leading voices hate America’s virtues and undermine America’s promise. They could not build what they are destroying. We are charting another course. Across every sector lies a frontier with new and inspiring potential. We are bringing together people and resources to realize it. This means new media, technology, and commerce that serves and supports the American people.

About The Work

New Founding is a media-focused venture broadly divided into three areas: a Media Group, a Capital Investments Group, and a Technology Group. This role will sit in the Technology Group.

What are we building? We are developing a new type of network—a digital commonwealth. Unlike dominant social networks which lack purpose (and simply optimize for “engagement”) or advance dubious ends, our platform’s governance will be designed to advance the good of its members. The core experience will be a distributed credentialing system—a system designed to reveal and organize high-quality judgments from users of the network.

This platform is complex and ambitious—there is no doubt about it. A lot of the UX is heavily dependent on our data model, a model which is itself continually evolving and, if we’re successful, will only get more complex. As such, the design of the platform needs to take this intricate architecture into account. At the same time, we want the platform to be of great value to everyday men and women, so the platform should be usable, beautiful, and a delight to use.

Here is a sample of projects you might work on:

  • Work with the Chairman, Director of Product, and Developers to shape the UX/UI of the platform throughout releases—from MVP to public launch.
  • Roll up your sleeves in Figma and design prototypes, components, states, and other complex micro-interactions. 
  • Help develop and establish the visual identity of our platform and brand. 
  • Participate in and contribute to broader design initiatives related to the platform’s launch (i.e. brand identity).
  • Document interaction models and UI specifications.

In many ways, you can think of this role as a founding design role: our MVP—what we’re currently building—is purposefully robust in functionality but relatively simplistic in design. Therefore, we need an experienced designer who can shape and execute the vision for the UX/UI and also the visual identity of the platform as a whole.  

Aside from some strategy or product meetings, you’ll spend most of your time actually designing user interfaces. You may be improving existing flows, designing new platform features, or helping the teams rethink how we approach a particular user story.

About You

You’re an experienced designer with a demonstrable portfolio of top-tier user interface work. Ideally, you’ve worked on consumer/social apps before—if you have experience in TradFi or DeFi (designing products that incorporate some kind of economy), even better. 

We hire “managers of one” who have an innate bias to action and can get stuff done quickly. The team will look to you to take ownership of projects and see things through without a ton of oversight, so being able to communicate and document your decisions to the team (most of whom are distributed) is paramount. 

Along with excellent visual instinct and user sensibilities, you are an excellent writer. Good copy is part of good design, and you care to guide users with words as well as visual design.

Lastly, you care about building great teams & companies. We’re a startup, and as such, early hires shape what the team and company look like from the get-go. In short, you work in a way that will bless those who will join the team down the road.

Highly-qualified candidates should have:

  1. 5-6 years of experience designing top-notch digital user experiences.
  2. Experience shaping the foundational design identity of successful products.
  3. Ability to lead all aspects of design, from ideation to execution.
  4. Experience in a fast-paced/startup environment.
  5. Natural ability to build relationships with product, engineering, and business stakeholders.
  6. Natural ability to rally others around a project.
  7. Alignment with our vision and values.

At New Founding, we value “proof of work” a lot more than traditional credentials and care about what you can do a great deal more than where you went to school. 

We really value ownership and skin in the game: if you have bold, creative ideas, the work ethic and ability to execute and follow-through, and the clarity to explain and defend your decisions, you’ll enjoy working with us.

As an early hire on both the product team and New Founding as a whole, you’ll have a lot of impact across the organization but the bar will also be higher: we hire Privates who have the skills, capacity, and drive to eventually become Captains, and Captains who can become Colonels. Along those lines, New Founding isn’t a pit stop for you—you really want to be here, and for a long while.

How to Apply

Send us your resume, work sample, and a cover letter that tells us about you, why you’re interested in New Founding, and the impact you’d make here. There are many people out there with the same job title as you, so we want to know what makes you unique. Extra effort and anything that makes you stand out will be looked upon favorably. We look forward to hearing from you!


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