Customer Service for Remote Web Design Firm

JPW Design Studio | Mount Pleasant, TX, United States

Posted Date 9/15/2022

We are seeking someone who loves, values & wants to create a great customer experience for clients through sales presentations!

To see the kind of work we do, simply go to

We are a professional service firm that serves interior designers. We have a phone call script that we use to attract clients and encourage them to sign up for a website over the phone!


What we want for our clients:

- To love the experience they get from working with our company

- To consistently exceed their expectations, going above and beyond

- To create the best possible customer service for our clients


We need someone who:

- Loves customer service & sales

- Loves seeing things get done quickly

- Enjoys holding a team accountable to a high standard

- Can follow our team's internal processes


Our team values:

- Focused on moving forward, getting results

- Respectful to our team members & clients

- Loves to learn 

- Works fast

- Can work independently and with a team


Tasks to be done:

- Managing your daily tasks & scheduled consultations

- Continue engaging with leads using email & text

- Utilize the company's phone call sales script and answer questions for the client

- Effectively communicate with team members 


About the job:

- Part-time (25 hours per week)

- From 12pm to 5pm ET (or 9am to 2pm PT)

- Work from home!

- You must have a good computer & good internet connection

- Keep yourself accountable to get stuff done

- Meet with the team remotely at our 2pm ET (11am PT) daily team calls

Does this sound like the right position for you? If so, there's one important thing you must do other than apply, which is to say in your application, 'This is a job I would love!'

There will be hundreds of people who apply, but very few will follow the instructions. So good luck and I look forward to hearing from you!  - Justin

Job Types: Part-time, Contract, Bonuses, Paid Time Off, Salary

Pay: $17 per hour, plus salary, paid time off & bonuses after the first 2 weeks

Salary15.00 - 17.00 Hour
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