Private School Administrator

Middletown Christian School | Middletown, CA, United States

Posted Date 5/16/2022

Middletown Christian School in Middletown California is looking for a new School Administrator to work full time to shephard the hearts of students and work to ensure they get a solid, christian education.  The pandemic has created new opportunities for us in our rural area to provide a true alternative to the public school system where students are nurtured physically, spiritually and educationally and we need the right person to come on board to help us grow our school, while promoting our very high standards and desire to see Christ exalted in all things.

The most important role of the Administrator is to provide leadership and keeping MCS on track spiritually, academically, professionally, and financially.  The Administrator understands the vision of the School Board and is able to communicate that vision and inspire the team to follow. 

The Administrator is responsible for all communications with the community, staff and students and families.  They must be able to train and support teachers in their professional development as well as give biblical counsel as needed.



Spiritual:  Must be a mature christian believer who attends Church regularly and maintains their own personal bible study, who is a role model in conduct

Education:  Bachelor’s degree and either teaching credential or administrative credential

Experience:   Experience working with children or teens is required.


Experience teaching in the classroom.  Vibrant and committed ministry experience.  Experience working with computers in a professional capacity.


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