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Posted Date 10/11/2021

We believe that what people play matters. TruPlay produces mobile games that resonate with our 4 Foundations of Fun, Beauty, Excellence, and God’s Truth. With God’s Blessing, we will continue to reach Millions around the world and produce a tremendous amount of economic value for everyone involved.

We are looking for a self-starting, driven and results-focused Lead User Research/Testing Coordinator to join our team. We have a strong belief that deep player understanding is key to innovation, increased player engagement and growth, and this role will be critical to the successful development of our faith-based children’s titles. Working directly with the games’ Creative leads and producers, you will be responsible for leading the User Research and Testing initiatives across our portfolio of games, and will manage a small team who, along with yourself, will use both their highly analytical and highly creative skill sets to ensure that our games are fun, engaging and age-appropriate, that they adhere to our 4 Foundations, and match or exceed the quality seen in the top interactive choices available on the app store.


Must Haves:

  • Adept at using traditional user research and feedback methods, as well as new approaches and original thinking
  • Proven experience in sourcing, recruiting and maintaining an internal database of playtesters for remote testing
  • Thorough understanding of user-centered design methodologies, specifically those aimed at children
  • Survey design and analysis experience, again geared towards younger test subjects
  • Passion for mobile games and a strong curiosity to understand the ‘whys’ that drive player behavior and decision-making
  • Familiarity with the Bible


  • Experience with testing entertainment or educational software created for a younger audience
  • Degree in psychology (experimental, social, cognitive, etc.), human computer interaction, human factors, or a related user experience field
  • Management experience


  • Lead User Research & Testing initiatives across our portfolio of mobile games
  • Establish, maintain and manage testing ‘lab’ and database of playtesters for in-house and remote testing
  • Manage and mentor a small team of User Researchers to deliver against company goals
  • Provide User-focused breakdowns of competitive titles, including performance and insights into specific engagement metrics
  • Facilitate testing of all facets of game development, from character development and visual art style to narrative comprehension and gameplay
  • Lead and moderate playtests (remote and in-person) from inception through presentation of results and recommendations
  • Lead recruiting initiatives for all playtesting
  • Partner closely with game teams to understand hypotheses, goals and strategies, and develop research plans that will impact game design and overall quality for our players
  • Provide design suggestions throughout the development and lifecycle of a game based on internal data, research findings and expertise in the mobile gaming space
  • Stay abreast of new developments, trends, tools and technologies in mobile game and User Research and User Testing

Expected Results:

Delivering cutting-edge casual mobile Games that:

  • Convey God’s Truth through exceptional, creative story-telling and gameplay
  • Are engaging, surprising, age-appropriate and fun to play
  • Hit predetermined engagement metrics
  • Meet a consistent and exacting quality bar
  • Testing, research, feedback and iteration results in games which are inspirational, appealing and successful
  • Game mechanics, features and narrative all fit together in a simple and cohesive package to provide a compelling gameplay experience for children
  • Shifts in mobile gaming trends are researched and communicated to ensure Truplay remains on the bleeding edge of mobile game development

Professional Experience/Skills:

  • 5+ years of leading UX research, preferably in the youth mobile gaming space
  • Expertise and formal training in research design, fluent in a wide range of qualitative and quantitative studies (e.g. in-person and remote think aloud, competitive benchmarking, usability studies, questionnaire development and analysis, etc.)
  • Experience with game development and design principles
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills, persuasiveness and leadership
  • Ability to create screening criteria, recruit research participants, build rapport with younger testers, and moderate playtesting sessions
  • Proficient with survey design and quantitative analysis, as well as with survey tools such as Survey Gizmo or Qualtrics
  • Flexibility in a fast-paced, undefined environment
  • A team player who thrives working collaboratively, inspiring others and bringing out the best in the wider team


For our Culture

  • High Commitment to TruPlay’s Purpose
  • Lives a life of integrity
  • Treats others as they would want to be treated
  • Coachable

 For This Role

  • Passion for creating unparalleled content for children

About Us:

Our Core team and content have been used by God to:

  • Reach Millions of people with our games across the world
  • See over 25,000 people coming to Christ with His Hand
  • Create new TruPlay game designs that have tested incredibly well
  • Move to our team from XBox, Nintendo, PlayStation, Sony, Disney, Apple
  • Contains contribution from 2 Apple Award winners and music from Enya and Hillsong

Our products stand on 4 Foundations:

  • Truth – Our games are woven with God’s Story
  • Fun – Our players should be delighted and excited
  • Excellence – Our games resonate with high-quality features, tech, and storytelling
  • Beauty – Our artwork and audio are spectacular
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