Journeyman Installer

Innovative Comfort Systems, Inc | Lynnwood, WA, United States

Posted Date 5/11/2022

Job Title:                       Journeyman Installer


Work Hours:                  7:00 – 4:30, Monday through Friday, some overtime


Primary Job Function:   Responsible for installing HVAC equipment, and gas piping, duct and fittings within proscribed time frame. Advises Dispatcher daily on progress of jobs.  Strong communication skills with customers; ability to educate customers on HVAC system operation. Works with Operations Manager, General Manager and Customer Relations team on ideas for reducing the cost of installation. Responsible for guiding daily work of Install Helpers and for mentoring/training them in performing work to ICS and industry standards. Maintain required levels of truck stock items.  Presents a positive image of ICS to customers, including neat, clean appearance, Maintains driving record that qualifies as ICS insured driver.


Reports To:                   Operations Manager


Daily Duties:

  1. Available at scheduled daily check-in time, ready to be dispatched.
  2. Review project daily with Operations Manager. Request tools, materials, or equipment needed for the next day by 3:00pm.
  3. Complete paper work daily, recording all hours and materials used on each job, turn into Operations Manager.
  4. Provide daily update on job progress to Dispatcher for scheduling purposes.
  5. Complete quality project within proscribed time frame, to company installation standards.
  6. Inform Operations Manager by 9:00 a.m. of any stocking items or fabrication needed for the project.
  7. Demonstrate commitment to self-development by actively pursuing licensing and certifications pertinent to work being performed.
  8. Mentor development of Helper(s) assigned to project. Model ICS core values and job standards; demonstrate unselfish interest in the development of newer ICS team members; provide Helper with frequent on-the-job opportunities to practice tasks that increase skill level. Advise management of progress of Helper(s) training and development.
  9. Keep entire work area and work van neat and organized and free of scrap and debris.



Performance Indicators: Certain key business indicators that will measure the effectiveness of the Journeyman Installer. These include the following:


  1. Number of times projects are not installed on schedule.
  2. Efficiency in producing shop items as needed for jobs, by providing accurate drawings and dimensions.
  3. Accuracy of paper work, install hours & materials charged to projects and turned in timely.
  4. Number of times Dispatcher was not advised that the project was behind schedule.
  5. Number of warranty callbacks on workmanship that are processed for the Installer each month.
  6. Cleanliness and organization of the project work site and van.
  7. Number of equipment, tool, or vehicle breaks due to lack of proper maintenance or neglect.
  8. Number of times a project fails inspection or quality check.
  9. Number of new licensing or certifications acquired.
  10. Number of times installer receives positive feedback from customer or project manager.
  11. Demonstrated ability to mentor/train Helpers, thereby contributing to the overall level of skills and expertise of ICS field staff.
  12. Driving record continuously qualifies as ICS insured driver.
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