Sales Representative - Work Remote - Flexible Hours

PS Life Group | NJ, United States

Posted Date 5/22/2022

Who we are:

PS Life Group is an insurance agency of gritty individuals. It’s really simple – we stand out because of our work ethic. Combine discipline with a proven system and it equates to success.

We work for the customer and qualify them for an individualized program, in contrast to working for any one carrier. For comparison, this is like trying to sell a car utilizing the full marketplace at your fingertips rather than the limited car inventory at your local dealership. Even with all advantages listed above, your level of success will ultimately be determined by how coachable you are, followed by action.


What to expect:

- Inbound leads generated by inhouse marketing.

-. Zero cold-calling! Zero door-door! Zero telemarketing! Zero begging!

- Full time equates to 30-35 hours per week, with 100k+ achievable in your first 12 months.

- Top producers earning 240k-300k

- Part time equates to 15-25 hours per week, with 50k+ achievable in your first 12 months.


There are two ways to fall short of the numbers above:

1) Do it your own way.

2) Quit too soon.

Keep in mind, your mentors have been in the same shoes. Be coachable and take action.


Breaking it down:

Is this job right for you?

- If you desire flexibility, this job provides work-life balance.

- If you desire to work from home, we have the option to work fully remote.

- If you desire mentorship, our agency provides levels of support.

- If you desire growth, you are the only barrier from getting to the top.

- If you desire compensation based on effort, you have found the right place.

- If you desire good culture, we are glad you’re here.

-. If you desire fulfillment, helping people is at the core of what we do.

Are you right for us?

- We are seeking to expand our team with ambitious individuals.

- For this position, Activity and Coachability are the two main drivers for high-level and quick success.

- Again, show up with a coachable attitude.

- Plug into our proven system with an open mind.

- You will be challenged by your mentors.

- Don’t overcomplicate it. Remember, this system works. Show up, ask questions, be coachable and take action!


Location is not an issue with the ability to sell in any state with the proper license

During onboarding our team will lay out the exact process. This will also be addressed during the interview process.

We have team members from all walks of life, including different backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities, demographics, religions, and beliefs. These specifics, as well as age, are not requirements nor predicate the level of success. As exhaustedly stated above, the only common denominator for success is coachability, followed by action.


--According to personal preference and local guidelines, our agents are meeting with candidates via phone, Zoom, or in-person. The initial training is completely online/virtual.

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