Behavioral Health Technician

StreetLightUSA | Glendale, AZ, United States

Posted Date 9/01/2021

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Job Description

StreetLightUSA is a Christ-Centered organization serving at-risk and or confirmed adolescent female victims of sexual exploitation. Our therapeutic program, The Sanctuary, provides residential trauma informed care.

The Behavioral Health Technician position at The Sanctuary is organizationally referred to as the Residential Services Provider (RSP). The RSP is a pivotal component in the specialized behavioral health services provided in StreetLightUSA’s The Sanctuary program. The RSP’s primary focus is to ensure the physical and emotional safety and engagement of clients.

The ideal candidate for this position is strength-based, observant, and mindful and responsive to the needs of each client. This role also requires conscientiousness of procedures and timelines for daily operations and documentation. Attention to detail and the ability to multi-task is needed to remain in compliance with policies and procedures, while also remaining aware of the environment and attuned to residents’ needs. The ability to identify pre-cursors in situations and the environment and engage in trauma-informed de-escalation and crisis-intervention strategies in a calm manner is also essential.

Full-time and Part-time Days may Vary: Shift Hours Listed Below




Essential Duties and Responsibilities Include but are not Limited to:

•Ongoing supervision of clients and environment to ensure physical and emotional safety of residents, to include maintaining head-counts and account of clients’ locations at all times.

•Build rapport, develop adaptive interpersonal connection, and maintain professional boundaries with clients.

•Provide clients a model for what a relationship feels like with an emotionally and physically safe, engaging, and empowering person

•Provide emotional support and encouragement to clients in order to promote ongoing engagement in programming

•Prompt and redirect non-engaged clients, as well as safeguard learning and healing environments for other clients by removing audiences and distractions.

•Respond to clients needs by capturing the need behind a behavior and/or emotion. Report on clients’ challenging behaviors and delivery daily BSIP tickets in accordance with policies and procedures.

•Ensure programming schedule remains as delineated and actively communicate with leadership relating to anticipated challenges, needs, etc that might impede the ability to ensure consistency in programming as scheduled.

•Assist with meal preparation as needed, to include preparing snacks and promoting healthy food/snack choices and hydration.

•Supervise Self-Administration of Medication for clients and complete medication log documentation and needed prescription requests.

•Respond to unusual incidents and crisis situations in a timely and in accordance to procedures, to de-escalation and communication procedures within and between programs.

•Appropriately utilize crisis de-escalation techniques including the safe and proper utilization of physical restraints.

•Safeguard confidentiality and HIPPA regulations, as well as ensure that procedures are adhered to in order to maintain a high standard of care to clients

•Collaborate with Trauma Specialist, Residential Services Manager, Residential Aide, Volunteers, Contractors, and Academic Coordinators to ensure that clients receive and engage in scheduled services.

•Collaborate with security to ensure safety of residents and staff, as well as assist with drill procedures.

•Maintain open communication and collaboration with Lighted Path staff in order to enhance efficiency and consistency in programming and services.

•Maintain therapeutic and residential environments by ensuring that all areas used by TS clients is clean after use, as well as ensuring that all supplies, food, etc is maintained in stock according to shift checklists and additional monitoring tools

•Respond to all radio calls in a timely and appropriate fashion; utilizing earpieces, proper communication codes, and using client initials at all times.

•Transport clients as programming scheduling delineates, ensuring timely arrival at destinations, ensuring safety and appropriate conduct from the residents at all times.

•Professional engagement and communication with community partners.

•Maintain professional appearance by adhering to StreetLightUSA dress code policy.

•Be prepared to utilize First Aid, and/or CPR skills when needed.

•Maintain environments free of any and all factors that may put a client, self, and/or colleagues at risk of harm (e.g. cords, spills, locks, toxic chemicals, etc). Report all maintenance and safety needs to RSM and Campus Support as delineated in the policies and procedures.

•Ensure that daily transition times are utilized to communicate with on-coming staff any outstanding environmental, services, and client needs. Complete daily shift list forms, UIRs, MARs, and EOSRs before end of shift.

•Attend all mandatory meetings for administration, trainings, and clinical supervision.

•Model professionalism through style of communication and appropriate dress.

•Other duties as assigned by RSM.

Qualifications Requirements:

•Background cleared of any criminal offenses disqualifying employment (i.e.: Sexual abuse of a minor, first or second-degree murder, sexual assault, sexual exploitation of a minor, felony drug offenses, robbery, dangerous crime against children, etc.)

•High school diploma or equivalent with 4 years of experience working within adolescent-centered*, trauma informed*, and/or behavioral health residential facilities* (*combination of two or more)

•OR Associates degree or higher with 2 years of experience working within adolescent-centered*, trauma informed*, and/or behavioral health residential facilities* (*combination of two or more)

•Experience working with Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems preferred

•Level One Fingerprint Clearance Card required

•Adult and Pediatric CPR and First Aid

•Crisis Prevention and Intervention, Crisis Intervention Training, or Prevention and Support with physical restraints preferred

•Physical Exam clearing work with no restrictions (updated every two (2) years)

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