Chief Musician

Trinity Church | Snohomish, WA, United States

Posted Date 11/16/2021

Chief Musician Job Description

Trinity Church, Kirkland, WA

(Draft – 2020)


General Responsibilities


The Chief Musician (often referred to as the Music Minister) of Trinity Church will (1) oversee the command for the church to sing and play skillfully to the glory of God, (2) oversee all music ministries and programs of the church, (3) supervise and instruct the church’s musicians, (4) develop ways to improve the church’s music programs and the congregation’s musical skills. 


Specific Responsibilities


  • Under the oversight of the Pastors, select and provide music for services of worship: Sunday mornings, Evensong, Lessons and Carols, etc.


  • Invest and develop relationships with the people of Trinity Church to love our music, particularly the leaders and officers.


  • Teach, train, and shepherd the saints musically: i.e. psalm sings, singing school, adult and youth choirs, co-op classes, Christian Schools, etc.  The goal is the ability to sing well in all homes and in the church.


  • Direct the choirs (youth and adult) and instrumentalists.  Provide and write arrangements, accompaniments, and new music for Sunday meditations and corporate singing.


  • Lead music at corporate gatherings: Psalm Sings, Men’s Meetings, Family Camp, etc.


  • Read and study the Bible; also books on theology, music, worship, liturgy, etc.


  • Practice and hone his own personal musical skills: choral, vocal, instrumental, compositional, etc.  It is important that the Chief Musician be an excellent singer as an example and as an instructor in how to sing.  He should also be fluent in multiple instruments, keyboards as a priority.  He should be familiar with good music-writing software.


  • Select and teach new psalms and hymns.  The Chief Musician would work under the direction of the Pastor and the session of elders in expanding the number of psalms and hymns the congregation can sing.



Musical Assessment


  • Develop a means of evaluating the musical skills and growth of the average parishioner at Trinity Church and present a written report to the Trinity Church elders on an annual basis.


  • Develop a means of evaluating the effectiveness of the music ministries and programs of the Trinity Church and present a written report to the Trinity Church elders on an annual basis.





  • Meets the requirements for an elder as listed in 1 Tim 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9
  • Affirms Trinity Church Statement of Faith
  • Familiar and in general agreement with the Reformed traditions of musical worship and Covenant Renewal liturgy.
  • Degrees and/or the equivalent studies in a musical field.
  • Gifted in leading choirs and orchestral groups.
  • Familiarity with the Cantus Christi and songs of Trinity Church





  • Depending on qualifications, prior experience, musical and teaching skills, Trinity Church will offer a part-time or up to a full-time salary plus benefits.


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