Dental Sales Education Manager

ASI Dental Specialties | Englewood, CO, United States

Posted Date 4/22/2022

Dental Sales Education Manager


Lunch and Learn Training Sessions   Will provide professional product training to dental residents in dental schools via Zoom meetings from our showroom and occasional travel to schools.  Will include generating program contacts, scheduling, program director relations, Zoom meeting set up, conducting the lunch and learn virtually or in person, obtaining resident emails and setting up in Hubspot and follow up.


Sales Training – to include organizing and maintaining comprehensive training materials for sales staff.  Program includes written documents, videos and links to all necessary information to be utilized for product knowledge and sales procedures; communicating new product updates and pricing to sales staff, and facilitating sales training in conjunction with Sales Management.


Units in Schools Coordination to include regular contact with the residency programs that have ASI carts to ensure they are in good working condition, reaching out to school programs that do not have ASI equipment, maintaining documentation on each of the school programs and keeping it up to date, determining which doctors in the school’s territories would be willing to host or assist with L&L’s or learning dinners.


Tradeshow Coordination - Includes pre-tradeshow analysis to determine ASI’s attendance, booth planning, pre-show and show marketing planning, staffing, booth prep, travel arrangements, product and supply organization, shipping planning, physical booth set up and tear-down, post-show follow-up for recaps and equipment organization.  Can include occasional attendance to larger dental shows to assist sales staff.


Showroom Coordination to include maintaining an inventory listing of equipment in each showroom, determining if additional equipment can be added, scouting new locations for showrooms based on sales metrics for specific regions, updating and maintaining showroom location listing for our customers.


Reference Coordination to include developing and maintaining a list of customers by area who are willing to serve as references to potential new customers.  List if they are willing to be available by phone, email, visit, or even allowing visits, providing video testimonials, Office Profiles, etc.


Inside Sales Support – Includes answering sales calls, following up with leads, assisting reps with needed materials, preparing lead sheets and entering leads in Hubspot, provide Quotes and Configurations, back-up Sales Representatives and Sales Order Coordinator.


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