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Steller Construction | Pinedale, WY, United States

Posted Date 8/05/2022

Looking for a construction manager for building residential customs homes.  We are a company that performs new, remodel, additions and restoration work since 1995.  We have done everything from very high end custom homes taking years to complete to simple additions and remodels.   Every employee that I have ever hired I have asked this to them, "Are you willing to do anytime...for whatever the best of your be a team player and to be self motivated to help drive the process forward?"  If you can say yes to these questions then you will be a great fit  for out company.  I work hard to have a good staff and crew and I protect my crew with a vengeance, i.e. no bad apples.  I also take care of my employees, they and their families are important to me. I believe the Employer / Employee relationship is a two way street.  I take care of you and you take care of me.  I have never built my business on the backs of my employees, we work together to be successful.  We offer good pay, $35/hr to $45/hr depending on experience and benefits. Benefits include Holiday pay, Paid time off, Retirement plan, Health, Dental and depending on skill level possibly a company truck.  No matter where you may start in your experience with us we provide opportunity for growth

Some of my expectations of employees are that they do their best every day for me.  I do not expect them to be the best, just do your best.  An honest days work for an honest days pay.  That you are punctual, take only the time given for breaks and lunch and that you are a hard worker.  Overtime is a rare thing for us, but sometimes necessary depending on what is happening.  That being said, I work hard at respecting and protecting your time.  At the end of the day I make sure you are getting out on time. We have a work schedule that allows for a three day weekend every other week.  As holidays allow, we do our best to have our Friday off added on to long holiday weekends to give a four day weekend.  And your paid time off is your time off, you choose how you would like to use it, sick days, vacation...doesn't matter.  I want my employees to have their breaks, to get away to be able to enjoy where we live, be with their families and to recharge.  That time off is important to me so paid time off does not roll over to the next year, so all paid time off is used up in the calendar year it is given.  

To be completely honest, since being in business since 1995 I have never advertised for a job position, this is the first time for me, all of my positions have been filled through word of mouth.  I have been blessed to have really good staff and employees even when finding employees was difficult for many businesses.  We are a growing business and are continually looking for quality individuals to be part of our team, our family.  It breaks my heart to see what is happening in our country.  To see the liberties and freedoms that so many have given their time and lives fighting to defend. So whether you are just looking for a job, or maybe you have lost yours because you were forced out or whatever the reason, your freedoms are protected here, we are a company who really cares and you are welcome to reach out to find out more about Steller Construction.


Steve Marsteller

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