Marketing Rep, Part Time or Full Time Agent

Five Rings Financial | Littleton, United States

Posted Date 6/18/2022

We currently have openings for Entry Level Sales or Marketing, Sales Executives, Marketing Representatives, and Management.  Part-Time and Full Time. 

Are you Entry Level or new to Sales and Marketing?


Want to Learn Sales from a Company that has No Quotas?


Want to Train for Free with a Mentor and have a Free Weekly Training Program available In-Person and Online?


Want to make a Big Difference in your life and the lives of others by offering Financial Peace of Mind to Clients?





Produces more earners over $100,000 a year in income than any other in America.


The average part-time Sales Representative earns $23,000 a year in commission


The average full-time Sales Executive earns $73,000 a year in commission 


Sales managers in our career training program that become mentors and trainers are earning $135,000 to $445,000 a year (Our top 5% earn over $500,000 a year)



  • Fastest growing company in our industry
  • Represents over 117 Companies and products in the Financial Services, Annuities, Living Benefits, Indexed World
  • Is experiencing double-digit growth
  • Is 52% women
  • Our top producer 4 years running has been a Woman
  • Offers 2-3 Incentive trips per year (7 days 6 nights All expenses paid)
  • Offers weekly training and mentoring
  • Has fun and encouraging work environment
  • Is constantly adapting with the market and new technology
  • Teaches you how to build a career income


A company represents a “Culture." We and those around us consider ourselves the "GOOGLE" of the Financial Services Industry.  At our company, there is a coming together of people around a common set of values, beliefs, and purpose. It’s more than products and services, or features and benefits. It is about sharing a common cause. It is about our clients achieving peace of mind. We create personal relationships and raving fans

Our unique marketing system positions/ trains/ teaches you to be the “Go-To” Financial Services authority in your demographic, market, town, or service organization. 



A Sales Associate or a Sales Manager and you want to be paid what you are worth with clients that asked you for the appointment.


A  Retail Salesperson or Sales Representative looking to Increase your Income and not have your commissions or bonuses decreased and your quotas raised.  


A Sales Manager or Sales Consultant who has reached your glass ceiling? What if you got paid to mentor and train the new team members?


A Sales and Marketing Agent who is not so excited about the changes "the company" has made to the products and services your clients are buying from you?  You would like to offer the best fitting products and services based on your client’s needs.


A Millennial/ Gen X/ Gen Y Professional with 2 to 10 years of experience who wants to be a part of an organization that cares, and sees you as an integral part of the whole. You want to effect change, problem solve and make a difference in your community



Start part-time or full time

Transition at your own pace, start part-time, and transition out of your current job

Get training in an apprenticeship manner to assess client’s needs, build and offer solutions

Get paid commission for apprenticeship sales

Have the flexibility to create your own schedule with your mentor

Work from our office or from yours, some work from home

Learn where and how to generate leads and cultivate existing ones

Be promoted to a management position with a team and leads provided

Learn to control, grow, and manage your money

Learn the 3 obstacles and 3 principles to win the money game.





You are aspirational and you take action to make a positive difference every day while inspiring others to do the same.

You bring a fresh perspective, entrepreneurial spirit, and thrive in environments that foster meaningful and lasting relationships

Personable and likable - People will buy from people they like!

Trustworthy - people refer people they trust!

Highly driven

Patient listening skills

Strong work ethic

Enjoys educating and selling

Willingness to learn self-management


Customer service or Customer representative focused (We will train you)

Have communication and relationship building skills

Enjoys a flexible schedule 

Eagerness to grow our women-only marketing groups.

Motivated to earn commissions, bonuses, and incentive vacations around the world


We’d love to meet you and we are confident we will WOW you!


"Remember Success Lies Outside Of Your Comfort Zones"


"If You Help Enough Other People Get What They Want, You Will Get What You Want"


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