Shed Hauler

SmartPay Rentals, LLC | Leola, PA, United States

Posted Date 10/25/2021


  1. Over-the-road at least 3 nights/week.
  2. Repossess all sheds, gazebos, swingsets, etc. and take structures back to designated SmartPay lots.
  3. Log all work performed in SmartPay system at the time the work is performed.
  4. Schedule your stops. You are responsible for the efficiency in the stops scheduled.
  5. For pickups in states that do not allow blanket permits or for pickups that require an escort, you are responsible for securing the relevant permits. Permits will be paid for by SmartPay Transport.
  6. Set up and execute repos that require escorts.
  7. Perform the disassembly of a shed (on a repo).
  8. Spend money prudently. All gas, food, etc. while on the road will be paid for by the SmartPay Transport credit card. Recovery Specialist should sleep in the truck when over-the-road.
  9. Complete occasional inventory control audits to determine structures are on lots.
  10. Take pictures using SmartPay device on all stops made.
  11. Place door hangers on customers doors to notify them you were there.
  12. Potentially change locks on existing sheds.
  13. Handle all business discretely.
  14. Ensure “company ethics” systems are in place in order to be above reproach financially.
  15. Participate and support the company functions and outings, providing leadership by example.
  16. Deliver all repo resold structures to customers that purchase from SmartPay.
  17. Have a can-do attitude, willing-to-learn mentality, proactive thinker, forward planner, self motivated.
  18. Possess excellent organizational and people skills.
  19. Be accurate and detailed oriented.
  20. Follow the company systems, processes, guidelines, and expectations.
  21. Methodical, process oriented and ability to execute and deploy the proper actions to get the job done.
  22. Willing and able to take direction and complete tasks in timely and profitable manner.
  23. Be in regular communication with Transport Manager.
  24. Communicate any problems, challenges, or issues with Transport Manager.
  25. Have good character, integrity, excellent work ethic, and be trustworthy.
  26. Adapt to the company culture.
  27. Take good care of the truck, mule, trailer, and all other Transport equipment.
  28. Drive in a safe manner.
  29. Be willing to adapt as Transport’s needs change and job expectations are adjusted.


  1. An Interstate (Class A) Commercials Driver’s License.
  2. Minimum of 24 months experience working in a full-time Class A Tractor/Trailer driving position in the previous 2 years.
  3. No serious traffic violations or preventable accidents while operating a commercial motor vehicle in the last 2 years.
  4. Ability to operate a mule lift to pick up structures and load/unload items safely.
Salary150000.00 Annual
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