Digital Media Specialist

MaxxD Trailers | Brookston, TX, United States

Posted Date 5/12/2022

At MaxxD, we believe that honest, hard working people working with their hands is what has made our country great and we live that blue collar ideal out in every area of the company. We are looking for someone with creativity and character to fill a need in our marketing department to help us show that to the world.

This person needs to have some experience in:

-Videography and photography

-Video editing

-Social media strategy

We hire based on two reasons. One is a person's skills or experience and the other is character. We can generally teach the skills a person might need but we can't teach character and character is what makes a person and a company grow. So we ask that anyone that comes to work with us would live by our core values. They are:

-Proud of our Work

-Get it Done

-Hungry for Growth



-No Drama

To learn more about us, see us here:

And post some samples of videos you have edited along with your resume. Below is one of ours.

Salary800.00 - 1000.00 Week
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