Virtual Sales Representative

The Ondrick Group | United States

Posted Date 4/17/2022

Wanted! Ambitious Sales People - NO COLD CALLING!

-We generate all of our leads internally!
(US Residents Only due to industry)

You can start part-time and build your own empire within our fast-growing company. We are in the financial services industry – specifically, Insurance - but we don’t hire backgrounds. We hire top performers. If you’re average, you can earn $75K, if you’re good, $150K and if you’re a superstar, you can earn $300K plus.

Most of the industry has you calling all of your friends and family and they spend 80% of their time looking for business. We have a lead system and spend 80% of our time reaching out to those people who have raised their hand.

Send us your Resume and we'll be in touch!

Please Don't respond IF: 1. You are not coachable 2. You don't have voice mail set up on your phone (we need to communicate and many of our clients' like to leave vm). 3. You're a quitter and if you don't have the personal will or Discipline to follow through with your commitments. 4. You don't have GRIT (don't know what that is? Look it up!).

Our job is Not to Motivate People to Work; our job is To Work With Motivated People!

 -If you Have the above, your earning potential is unlimited!

*Resume TIP: If your Resume doesn't sizzle and/or if you have had multiple jobs over the past few years, we HIGHLY Recommend you include a Cover Letter explaining why we should consider you :)

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $75,000.00 - $300,000.00+ per year*

The Majority of our team is working 100% Virtually. We have an entire generation of agents (the past year and a half or so) who have never met with a client face to face and have only done Virtual (Over the phone or via Zoom).

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $75,000.00 - $300,000.00 per year*


*No agent’s success, earnings, or production results should be viewed as typical, average, or expected. Not all agents achieve the same or similar results, and no particular results are guaranteed. Your level of success will be determined by several factors, including the amount of work you put in, your ability to successfully follow and implement our training and sales system and engage with our lead system, and the insurance needs of the customers in the geographic areas in which you choose to work.

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