Warehouse Supervisor

A-1 Freeman North American, Inc. | Dallas, TX, United States

Posted Date 9/30/2021

Title:                 Warehouse Manager


Reports to:        Operations Manager, A-1 Freeman – Dallas


Purpose of Position:


                        To oversee and profitably manage the warehouse by allocating and organizing staff & equipment required to facilitate or complete required warehousing services. 


Key Responsibilities:


  1. Check all shipments received into warehouse for completeness (missing items) and damage.  Record on bill of lading and/or warehouse exception sheet and collect required signatures.
  2. Vault incoming storage shipments as they are unloaded and use bingo sheets to identify items going into each vault.
  3. Keep  warehouse clean and organized. Make a place for everything and keep everything in its place.
  4. Verify all safety rules are strictly followed and make safety a high priority.
  5. Provide certified safety training for all forklift drivers.  Provide safety training for all warehouse employees.
  6. Make labor adjustments as business dictates through reduction in force by reducing hours or through layoffs.
  7. Evaluate employee performance on a regular and ongoing basis.  Provide training in deficit areas asking for required improvement.
  8. Manage revenue equipment inventory making sure all power equipment is well maintained and in working order (forklifts). 
  9. Ensure yard security and protect all Freeman assets.
  10. Keep and maintain inventory of office moving equipment stored in shop.
  11. Recruit, hire, qualify, and train warehouse personnel.
  12. Manage labor costs in warehouse against warehouse handling revenue and 1st day SIT revenue.
  13. Keep warehouse and yard secure at all times.  Access must be restricted to authorized personnel only.
  14. Keep inventory and control of all Freeman tools and equipment. 
  15. Manage packing container inventory and account for all containers distributed to Freeman drivers via cost detail.  Cost detail information must transferred to AP in OKC via excel spreadsheet.
  16. Keep vault inventory with all vault locations noted on vault cards and in Mover’s Suite by order number.
  17. Conduct regular audit review of billing on all storage shipments in warehouse.  Audits must be conducted at least three times per year.
  18. Verify warehouse is orderly, clean, and meets all military requirements.  Must also meet city of Dallas requirements.  Keep warehouse apron clean and free of debris.
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